The Infinera Express Visits Mexico: The Delegation Miguel Hidalgo, NEC and Infinera Demonstrate How They Plan to Connect Mexico City

Ashley HernandezBy Ashley Hernandez

Marketing Communications Manager

Earlier this month,  The Delegation Miguel Hidalgo, NEC and Infinera gathered on board the Infinera Express outside the Museo Soumaya, a Mexico City art museum known for its unique architecture, to demonstrate leading edge technologies that enable the creation of “smart cities.”  The Infinera Express is a mobile demo vehicle housing Infinera’s highly efficient and scalable telecommunications technologies.

The Infinera Express in front of the Museo Soumaya

The Infinera Express in front of the Museo Soumaya

Special guests at this event included the CEO of The Delegation Miguel Hidalgo, Victor Hugo Romo, who discussed the importance of companies like Infinera and NEC that are helping to provide the right solutions and technology to connect their city of more than 8 million residents.  Mr. Guerra said, “[A highly connected technology platform] is a strategic boost to the development of smart cities in Mexico, because we will not only attract investment in technology to the country, but we are thinking of high value-added investments that will attract, support and retain the talent we need to be increasingly competitive.” (more…)

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Infinera Deployment – Enabling Progress

preneshpBy Prenesh Padayachee

Chief Technology Officer, Internet Solutions

Last week, we announced the deployment of the Infinera DTN-X platform across our South African long distance network. Being the first deployment of this kind on the African continent, the news was met with a positive reaction from the media and our clients.

Not only does the deployment of the 500 gigabit per second (Gb/s) FlexCoherent super-channels platform enable us to light up high bandwidth capacity on our 2000km fibre network in South Africa, but it also allows us to have complete control over our fibre deployments, ultimately giving us complete control over our fibre networks.

With the deployment of the Infinera DTN-X platform, Internet Solutions has a total capacity of 8 Tb/s (terabits per second) on our fibre backbone. I expect a tripling of bandwidth usage in South Africa over the next few years, driven by the increased use of video and bandwidth heavy applications in the corporate environment, and we are now more prepared to handle these requirements.

This technology will enable us to deploy additional bandwidth intensive services such as content distribution services and replication services for disaster recovery, without cost constraints, and which are critical for businesses wanting to ensure that no data is lost across its servers or network.

As the era of Software Defined Networks (SDN) advances, we want to provide our clients with a virtual network that they can control, without them having to invest in Layer 1 infrastructure. The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network solution makes this possible for us and will go a long way in differentiating ourselves in the ICT market.

At a broader level, it is vitally important that we have technology that allows us to have a high capacity, scalable and reliable networks that we can develop across the African continent. This will provide us with the basic building blocks we need to enable further economic progress throughout the continent.

Legal Disclaimer

This guest blog was written by Prenesh Padayachee, Chief Technology Officer for Internet Solutions. A full biography can be found here. Infinera thanks him for his contribution.

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Infonetics Ranks Infinera as #1 Optical Vendor Globally

Mike_Capuano_VP-Corporate-MarketingBy Mike Capuano

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

In a recent objective ranking, including input from some of the world’s largest service providers, Infinera was named as the top optical equipment vendor in the world.  We didn’t pay for this survey, and in fact we just learned about it last week when Infonetics Research called us to let us know they were about to publish. This was a completely independent survey by Infonetics, one of the most well-known and respected analyst firms in the telecom industry.


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Automate Everything: The Next Phase of the Intelligent Transport Network

infinera_geoff-bennettBy Geoff Bennett

Infinera Product Evangelist

One thing I hear again and again from Infinera customers is that our gear is particularly easy to use.  And not just a bit easier than other gear – they tell me that it’s a night and day comparison with conventional DWDM equipment.  We’ve even been able to establish a Guinness World Record as a result of the scalability and ease of use of the Intelligent Transport Network.

Ease of use has many facets, but one obvious requirement is that it must be possible to automate day to day operations within the transport network.  Automation is a major factor in reducing network operations costs, and delivering services more rapidly.

We achieve automation using Control Plane protocols that make the network self-aware, such as Generalized MPLS (GMPLS), so that every network element understands the status and capabilities of every other network element.  But the reason that we believe Infinera’s GMPLS is dramatically more effective than other DWDM vendors’ is that we’ve always built OTN switching into every node we make.  In fact our DTN-X platform is an OTN powerhouse, with 5Tb/s of non-blocking switching capacity in a single chassis, scalable up to 240Tb/s in multi-chassis configurations while remaining non-blocking.  In other words we’ve been able to automate Layer 1 – or the digitally switched layer of the network – from the very beginning.

The next step is to allow Layer 0, the optical layer, to be automated as well.  To do this we have introduced the industry’s first Colorless, Directionless and Contentionless (CDC) super-channel FlexROADM.  So what does all that techno-speak actually mean?


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An Open Approach to Carrier SDN Fosters Innovation

Mike_Capuano_VP-Corporate-MarketingBy Mike Capuano

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

Today Infinera and Telefónica announced a successful collaboration in which Telefónica I&D developed an MPLS Network as a Service (NaaS) application which provided point-and-click provisioning of MPLS services and automatically configured the underlying routers and Infinera Intelligent Transport Network™ to deliver those services. The NaaS application ran on top of a Telefónica developed multi-layer IETF-based Application Based Network Operations (ABNO) controller. You can see a video of the demo here.

Telefonica Blog 1

Telefonica Blog 2

Infinera’s Open Transport Switch (OTS) is a lightweight software construct that can either logically abstract and virtualize the resources of network element, or logically abstract the resources of multiple connected network elements leveraging a GMPLS control plane. The OTS has both OpenFlow and RESTful APIs for configuration, provisioning and monitoring. With this approach Infinera enables direct access to the programmable transport network so service providers can leverage any controller versus being forced to purchase a controller from a particular vendor.

The vision of SDN includes standardized open APIs to foster an open environment that enables third party application development, which will help SPs unleash rapid innovation to drive new revenues and reduce costs through automation. Vendor solutions featuring tightly coupled hardware and software have slowed down industry innovation for the last three decades. Because of this, many carriers desire to develop their own controllers or use third party controllers to avoid vendor lock in.  Infinera has now completed two successful trials enabling multi-layer integration with the Infinera lightweight OTS and router network elements using a controller and applications developed by the service providers. The first trial was conducted using ESnet’s controller, and today we have announced a trial using Telefónica’s controller.

It is clearly time to move networking into the 21st Century – I believe SDN and Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network can help with that transformation.

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Infinera: Where we don’t just build solutions, we build careers

barry headshotBy Barry Hagar

Senior Technical Recruiter

People are often amazed by the “can-do” spirit, tenacity and accomplishments of Infinera employees. Maybe it’s because we offer our employees broad responsibility and scope of work instead of confining them into narrowly defined areas of responsibility. We believe that by providing more exposure to varied projects and responsibilities  and encouraging employees to dream big, we build not only the greatest products, but also the greatest careers. As we mount the campaign towards changing our industry, we are continually seeking the brightest minds and the best talent to get us there.

What can someone expect once they are hired at Infinera?  For starters, we have an environment unlike most others. Our employees understand that we are leading the charge toward changing our industry with our breakthrough technology and that each of them is taking part in building the future of communications technology. Is this the easiest path? No. But why spend your career at a company that’s doing anything less? Our teams are filled with some of the most talented individuals on the planet and our goal, unlike that of many companies, is to find ways to allow them the freedom to create.

Like the Silicon Valley pioneers before us who dared to dream and created what was once thought unattainable, Infinera is reshaping the communications landscape by advancing technology that many believed was impossible. Infinera utilizes breakthrough semiconductor technology, which integrates hundreds of optical functions onto one small chip, the photonic integrated circuit (PIC). Infinera’s PIC technology is not sold directly but instead is used as a key differentiator inside our own Intelligent Transport Network™. Our solutions are market leading and widely recognized in the industry as the easiest to use and most reliable solutions available.

Would you like to join us in this journey and help advance the industry? Visit us at

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Infinera SVP Fred Kish Elected to National Academy of Engineering

MS PhotoBy Mark Showalter

Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

On Thursday, Infinera Senior Vice President Fred Kish was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), one of the highest professional accolades that can be awarded to an engineer in the United States.

Fred was one of 67 new members and 11 foreign associates who entered into this prestigious group, consisting of 2,250 members and 214 foreign associates in total from the fields of technology and engineering. The NAE honors  “…those who have made outstanding contributions to ‘engineering research, practice, or education, including, where appropriate, significant contributions to the engineering literature,’ and to the ‘pioneering of new and developing fields of technology, making major advancements in traditional fields of engineering, or developing/implementing innovative approaches to engineering education.” You can catch the full press release here.

Fred Kish

Fred Kish

Fred was recognized for his contributions to high-brightness light-emitting diodes (LEDs).  As part of this work, he co-invented and led the commercialization of the highest performance (efficiency) red-orange-yellow visible LEDs as well as the first high-power high-brightness LEDs.  These were the first LEDs with efficiencies exceeding halogen lamps. These LEDs have been widely used in applications ranging from traffic signals to automotive brake lights to large-area displays, and as elements in solid-state lighting systems.

Currently, Fred is Senior Vice President of the Optical Integrated Components Group at Infinera.  Here he leads the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) group, where he and his team co-invented the first practical (commercial) large-scale PICs, including 100Gb/s and, more recently, 500 Gb/s transmitter and receivers.

Congratulations again to Fred on receiving this prestigious honor! For more information about the National Academy of Engineering, please visit

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