Athletic Prowess, Camaraderie and Altruism – Who Could Ask For Anything More?

MargoBy Margo Westfall

Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing

Combine the stunning views from atop the hills surrounding Zurich, spirited competition and a challenge of raising funds for underprivileged and vulnerable children and you get the Colt Charity Bike Ride, a 445-kilometer bike ride from Frankfurt to Zurich. Infinera is proud to have sponsored Colt’s annual Charity Bike Ride since its inception, and has actively participated in the past four rides. Together with Colt, Infinera has ridden over 2,000 kilometers and helped raise more than €350,000 to date on behalf of children’s charities across Europe, India and Asia.

Colt Blog 1

Infinera’s Rob Spalding, Mo Allen, John Ambrose, Ian MacDonald and Jodie Hoare took part in this year’s challenge, with the aim of raising £2,500 in support of the UK charity partner, Coram.

Rob, Mo, John and Ian were four of 110 riders from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, the UK, India, Hong Kong and Japan. In the driver’s seat of one of the six support vans was Jodie Hoare, who was part of the 20-strong support crew who made the event possible by providing the riders with meals, excursion check points, luggage transfers, and more, thereby ensuring the riders could focus on completing each day’s approximately 100-kilometer route.

Colt Blog 2

Rob Spalding, Infinera account director, explains:


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SC15 SCinet: Bringing the World to Austin

JayBy Jay Gill

Principal Product Marketing Manager

As the saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.”

At the Supercomputing ’15 (SC15) conference and show in Austin last week, “BIG” could well have been the theme: big exhibits, big crowds, big data sets, and big ambitions for high-performance computing (HPC) to transform just about every field of research and every industry.

And in the center of it all, some really BIG pipes:  1.5 terabits per second (Tb/s) of bandwidth provided by Infinera and CenturyLink.

Because, you see, SC15 is not just a show.  It is also a massive live network called SCinet enabling hundreds of live demonstrations and experiments that reach from Austin across the globe.  Every year an army of networking talent builds a brand new SCinet from scratch, and this year’s SCinet was as big as ever.  It was touted as “the fastest and most powerful network in the world,” and while that claim may be debatable, it was undeniably an impressive network. High-density 10/100 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches connected every booth and in turn connected to the world through CenturyLink’s scalable Intelligent Transport Network, powered by Infinera’s DTN-X Family.

The SCinet network map and the real network showcased behind the glass

The SCinet network map and the real network showcased behind the glass

Capacity from CenturyLink’s DTN-X network connected to the SCinet show floor, where Infinera’s newest DTN-X Family member, the XT-500, provided multiple 100 GbE ports connecting to the rest of the SCinet network.

Infinera and CenturyLink SCinet connectivity with 100 Gb/s links in red

Infinera and CenturyLink SCinet connectivity with 100 Gb/s links in red


A SCinet technician checking connections to one of the Infinera XT-500 units

A SCinet technician checking connections to one of the Infinera XT-500 units

So what is all that bandwidth used for?  (more…)

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Infinera’s 100GbE CE 2.0 Certification: A Pioneering Achievement

Vineet Sharma HeadshotBy Vineet Sharma

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Carrier Ethernet was the toast of the town in Dallas, Texas at the MEF Gen15 conference. And for all of us at Infinera, GEN15 was a momentous occasion as we became the first technology vendor to be certified for 100 GbE Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services by Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).

CE2.0MEFcertifiedInfinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks have already won several industry accolades for their scalability, flexibility, and programmability. And their PXM packet switching module demonstrates our industry leadership in the first wave of 100 GbE CE 2.0 certification. It offers a standards-based solution that helps service providers deliver CE 2.0 certified services with greater speed, agility, and confidence.

The rise in mobile data services, on-demand video streaming, and Cloud services has resulted in a phenomenal increase in the amount of bandwidth demanded by end-users. Nowadays, end-users need greater bandwidth, higher service availability, and lower latency. As a result, service providers are increasingly adopting and adding new Carrier Ethernet service capabilities for business and residential services. With our end-to-end network portfolio, enabled by the DTN-X Family and the TM-Series of products, Infinera can now deliver any Carrier Ethernet service within any network from core to access on a global scale, managed seamlessly using Infinera DNA.

Infinera's Sharfuddin Syed accepts the certification at

Infinera’s Sharfuddin Syed accepts the certification at MEF Gen15

At Infinera, customers are our partners in growth. We are committed to delivering the most innovative solutions to them. Our solutions enable our customers to deliver rich, revenue-generating enterprise applications such as business Ethernet, video and content delivery, Cloud services and datacenter interconnect.

Infinera’s PXM packet switching module enables a highly efficient packet-optical transport network architecture. It enables network operators to take advantage of a vast portfolio of advanced services based on Carrier Ethernet and MPLS technologies, as well as statistical multiplexing with packet aggregation and transport port consolidation, which reduces capital expenses. The PXM offers integrated Ethernet and MPLS switching functionality over WDM super-channels to deliver dynamic, flexible packet transport services. It can process Ethernet and MPLS packets with quality of service (QoS) up to 100GbE speeds, map them into multiple flexibly-sized ODUflex circuits, and deliver them to their end destinations. This enables a flexible and bandwidth-efficient router interconnect, enabling service providers to reduce capital expenses and increase power and space efficiency by reducing the need for transit router ports and chassis.

CE 2.0 certification is particularly challenging as the test plan involves hundreds of test cases carried out on an operator’s live network by an independent third party, Iometrix. (more…)

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Guest Blog: High-capacity, High-performance DCI, as Easy as 1-2-3

Nick LippisBy Nick Lippis

Independent Industry Analyst, Lippis Enterprises

At The Lippis Report, we know how to test enterprise networking equipment.  From individual switches to complete network fabrics, from hardware performance metrics to software-defined networking, we have seen and tested a lot.

So when Infinera and Arista approached us with the idea of validating end-to-end performance for a data center interconnect (DCI) solution – something we had never done before – it sounded like a great opportunity.  And it was.

If I had to summarize the one key take-away that I learned from working with Infinera’s Cloud Xpress optical transport platform and Arista’s 7280SE-68 programmable switches it’s this:  (more…)

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Serving Up Sustainability on an ECOVadis Silver Platter – 360° Evaluation of Our Performance and Socially Responsible Practices as a Supplier

Jessy Kirkwood, Sr. Manager, Internal Communications & Training

By Jessamyn Kirkwood

Sr. Manager, Internal Communication & Training

Infinera builds things. Dynamic, innovative and complicated things.

It would be easy to talk about our performance, ethics and transparency as a supplier if we were a website for cat pictures or an advice column. But, we aren’t. Infinera provides Intelligent Transport Networks™ to network operators across the globe.

Infinera delivers highly scalable optical networking solutions to support the growing demand for high bandwidth across optical networks. These networks carry information between continents, across countries, between cities and within metropolitan areas, and in some cases all the way to the end user. And that means that supply chain management and manufacturing are significiant aspects of our business.

As a result, our promises are fueled by intentionality, sacrifice and obligation to ethical and compliant practices, and third-party evaluation of those practices. We continue to face hard choices between market pressure and environmental and social impact. However, we will always choose for the option that honors our commitment to the world around us that we will leave for future generations.

At the request of some of our customers, we began participating in the ECOVadis assessment process in 2014 to further extend our transparency in relation to our corporate social responsibility. This year, ECOVadis, which provides a collaborative ratings platform for global supply chains, validated our quality and integrity assertions by awarding us with their Silver standing.

ECOvadis Scorecard

Legal Disclaimer

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Guest Blog: How MBC Is Bringing Bandwidth and Connectivity to Underserved Rural Areas

Tad DerisoBy Tad Deriso

President & CEO, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation

A few weeks ago, I was helping my oldest daughter navigate the complexities of the college admissions process. Thankfully her grades and GPA are fantastic (thanks to genetics on my wife’s side of the family!). We were discussing the essay requirements, trying to sum up her life experiences to date, and describing what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

This process reminded me of how our company, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation, grew from a simple idea in 2000, to a business plan in 2003, to a real company in 2004. We successfully built and lit our first open-access fiber route in 2006 using the Infinera DTN, and now, in 2015, have graduated to the terabit world with the successful implementation of the Infinera DTN-X with 100G and PXM capabilities!



Back in 2006, when we were evaluating various DWDM equipment providers to light our dark fiber path from Ashburn, VA to Atlanta, GA. we settled on the Infinera DTN solution due to Infinera’s unique PIC design, ease of operations, robust flexibility and scalability. We thought the unique line system would be a great asset as we added customer circuits to the network, as it did not require optical engineers to constantly tweak the DWDM paths. Little did we know then that the original line system installed in 2006 would also be able to support today’s DTN-X network, providing 500G super-channels and giving MBC an incredibly cost-effective and robust solution to adding capacity on the network.

Our carrier customers (now 40+ strong) have been able to provide competitive telecom services in rural southern Virginia through our wholesale open-access layer 1 transport business model, and we’ve followed through on our mission of enabling private sector telecom providers to access previously inaccessible rural markets. Even more satisfying are the jobs and capital investments we have enabled as a result of our open-access fiber and high capacity transport network in the region. Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and ICF International have all established new operations in southern Virginia as a direct result of this network.

Last week we announced a strategic partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Research and Infrastructure Alliance (MARIA) as the anchor tenant on our new Infinera DTN-X system. (more…)

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It’s All Engineering – All the Time…Plus a Bit of New Orleans Style Hospitality

GaylordHartBy Gaylord Hart

Director of MSO Market Segment

Last week, SCTE Cable-Tec Expo was held in New Orleans, a city all cable techies seem to enjoy thanks to its great music and food.  I was there for the full week, and it was a busy one, true to the conference tagline, “It’s All Engineering. All the Time.”  On Tuesday, I moderated two technical sessions, one on LTE-U technologies, including LTE-U backhaul architectures and potential conflicts with WiFi services on shared unlicensed spectrum, and a second session on new 100G metro core transport architectures and L0/L1 shared mesh protection architectures.  Both panels were well-attended, and the presented papers were excellent.  On Thursday, I presented a paper entitled “Network-as-a-Service: SDN Enabled L1 Virtual Networks,” which was presented as part of the “Exploring Network as a Service (NaaS)” panel.

This was a big year for Infinera at SCTE Expo, which followed shortly after two major milestones for Infinera.  First, we closed on our acquisition of Transmode, a leader in metro packet-optical transport, and second, we announced the release of two new Infinera metro core and LH product offerings, the XTC-2 modular transport platform with OTN switching, and the XT-500 Ethernet platform that delivers 500G of transport in two rack units but with only 500 watts of typical power consumption.  Infinera now has an end-to-end unified packet optical portfolio that extends from the metro edge to the long-haul core.  It’s an exciting time to be an Infineran!

This Expo was a first for Infinera in other ways as well.  Given the late August closing of the Transmode acquisition, we ended up with two booths.  As usual, we rolled the Infinera Express truck lab onto the Expo show floor, but this year it was packed full with live network demos of the full Infinera product line (including XTC-2 and XT-500) and our new Transmode line, too.  In addition, in one of the booths we had a live demo including the TM-Series metro family with PT-Fabric and the iWDM-PON access platform.  Traffic in both booths was outstanding, and many cable operators visited both booths to get a full perspective on the depth of the newly combined product lines.

SCTE 2015

Adding excitement at the event was the presentation on Tuesday night of Broadband Technology Report’s annual Diamond Technology review awards. (more…)

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